Download AlbumsList v2.3 | Gallery Module for Gmedia plugin

AlbumsList v2.3 | Gallery Module for Gmedia plugin


  • Gmedia makes it easy to allow your clients to view and bookmark proofs of images from a gallery with the Proofing Feature.
  • Splash gallery for your Albums, Categories, Tags from Gmedia Library
  • Optimized for any widget area
  • Gmedia Tags Cloud
  • Change colors, fonts and thumbnails sizes
  • Unlimited layouts
  • EXIF Data
  • Change colors
  • Responsive¬†and mobile friendly
  • Built with AJAX
  • Ability to play audio files
  • Share collection or individual photo
  • Working in all major browsers
  • Easy sorting system
  • Various settings
  • Optimized preloading
  • Simple to Use

How to use:

  1. Install free Gmedia WordPress Plugin.
  2. Download and install AlbumsSwitcher Module ZIP.
  3. Create an album and publish it in your Post or Page.
  4. How to create a photo gallery containing several albums.


- bug fix - Bookmarks Share (Update Gmedia plugin > v.1.12.7) - bug fix - Lightbox  iOS 11.3


- Added Bookmarks  - Added Likes Button  - Added EXIF data  - Added Social Sharing for Albums, Categories and Tags


- initial version
Rating 5.00
Sales 24
Price $17.00
Created 2017-12-21 01:20:45
Last update 2018-05-14 03:01:17
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