Download Alien Hunter 2 (Platformer)

Alien Hunter 2 (Platformer)

Alien Hunter 2 is a sci-fi adventure platform game, on HTML5, android and ios. If you enjoy platform games you shouldn’t miss this.

Easy to pick up and play thanks to simple controls. Journey through beautifuly designed levels, try to find all star and red star and defeat dangerous enemy or avoid trap.


• made with construct 2 game engine • files included CAPX and HTML5 • HD 1280×720 • with touch button and easy controls. • cool character • hi-tech and Colorful 2D vector graphics. • The assets you can download • Music and sound effect you can download and • easy to reskin • Export this project to android or ios game use intel XDK or

Hope you enjoy, please rate the game it would really help the developement :)

Thank you.

Rating 0.0
Sales 6
Price $33.00
Author AninGame
Created 2017-12-13 01:20:59
Last update 2017-12-13 01:20:59
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