Download CinemaLex - Streaming Service (AWS)

CinemaLex - Streaming Service (AWS)

CinemaLex is streaming service, Through which you can watch movies, TV series and Live channels, CinemaLex is RESTful API build with Larave Framework 5.5, also using Amazon Web Service to transcode video and storage and cloudfront and also Themoviedb API to get all details, The script support 6 language, We explained everything in documation all response and request or add language or plan.

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Important Read the description before you buy the item

Version V1.2

 - Upgrade : Stripe API To Last 2018/2/5 - New: Search-Add-Delete Cast From Edit  - New: Multi Upload Episode  - New: Edit To Episode - New: Available or Unavailable Movie/Episode - New: ETS Job List 

Version V1.1

 - Fixed :Transcoding Multi Prestest - Update: Admin Panel Style - New: Add Watermark To Movie/Episode/Live - New: Add Plan From Admin Panel - New: Transcoding All Vidoe To HLS & Encrypted With AES-128 
Rating 5.00
Sales 16
Price $180.00
Author AN-KI
Created 2018-01-30 10:30:09
Last update 2018-03-28 12:19:14
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