Download Easiest Android Webview For HTML5 Games (AdMob & Firebase)

Easiest Android Webview For HTML5 Games (AdMob & Firebase)

We have created an Android Webview app specifically for publishing HTML5 games to the appstore. When you call a url inside a webview that links to a game, the user needs to have an internet connection. With our webview Android app you will host your HTML5 game files inside the application.

On many occaisions when you try to add an HTML5 game to the assets folder and call it into a webview, you will get the notification that the game must be hosted on a server in order to work. We have created a work-around method in this webview template.

We have integrated AdMob advertising to display a banner at the bottom, both in portrait and landscape view.

We also have integrated Firebase for Analytics and Push Notifications.

You do not need any coding skills, just basic Android Studio knowledge should be sufficient. In our documentation you will find 10 easy steps to get your app ready for the appstore.

For a portrait example please see here:
For a landscape example please see here:

Version 1.0 features:
- No top bar
- Long tap to go fullscreen
- AdMob banner integrated at the bottom
- Force to portrait or landscape mode
- Firebase push notifications
- Firebase Analytics
- HTML5 game files hosted inside the app

Support: We will provide support via email, comments or Skype. Details are in the documentation.

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