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fCarousel is a plugin for display of any blocks (images, divs, etc.) with a cascading “waterwheel” effect. Plugin is simple and flexible in settings.

Plugin’s work is based on CSS3 transformations, so it works in all modern browsers which support this technology. Features:

  • Many controls elements – manipulates the carousel with arrows, click on items, mousewheel (with jquery.mousewheel plugin by Brandon Aaron), swipe or API
  • Keyboard-friendly
  • Orientation chooses (horizontal or vertical)
  • Endless rotation of any numbers of blocks
  • Choose number of visible items and their position settings
  • Animation speed and transition effect settings
  • Supports different options for different screen sizes
  • WAI-ARIA techniques
  • Requires very little HTML and CSS
  • Autoplay


August 16, 2017

 - Added keyboard controls; - Added native WAI-ARIA parameters. 

July 20, 2017

 - Fixed bug with resize event on mobiles; - Fixed bug with swipe of vertically oriented carousel. 
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