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Feedback Rating

Feedback Rating is a small jQuery Plugin. When a user has arrived at the end of your page, a simple Feedback form appears and allows him to give you a feedback from 1 to 10.

Cookies are used to not display the form every time you reload the site or close the form.

There’s a simple PHP File included to insert the feedback into your Database.


 add jQuery plugin if you dont have it already in your project add included js and css files to your project - feedback-rating.css - feedback-rating.js  call the plugin with your custom options $.FeedbackRating({     count: 10,     headlineTitle: '<h2>Hi, we want your Feedback</h2>,     cookieExpires: 30,     showOnClose: false,     showOnCloseExpires: 30 }); 
more options in the documentation.html file or online check it out with demo

Files included

- feedback-rating.css
- feedback-rating.js
- index.html as documentation
- save.php as example

Files included in demo, not in download

- jQuery
- bootstrap.css
- bootstrap.js
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