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Bat Fidget Spinner Is Hand Spinner Simulator for Android Phone And IOS , you can add admob banner and easy to get more revenue from this game . this game also have share button, that you can customize easily .. this Game Based by made by Buildbox Software .

Features And Requirements

- Universal game (Phone / Tablet) - AdMob Banner -19 Spinners

- Android Code -Documentation •A complete game built from the ground up

•Export to a number of devices in the iOS/Android family

•Reskin services available from the team who built the app!

How To Modify The Project

Eclipse :

Android Stuio :

Thanks You!

Extra Information


if You Already Purchase this Items , and you have Problem with my items you must read this before .

If you want to Build APK , You need ?
Eclipse Juno (Android Developer Tools): For 32 Bit Version :
For 64 Bit Version :

JDK 7 for Your Sistem

Another Important !!

Install API 21 or higher from SDK Manager on ADT Bundle
. If you want to Preview the Game , you can try on Genymotion or Real Device . Do not use Eclipse Emulator .

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Author gheorghe95
Created 2017-06-22 00:38:23
Last update 2017-06-22 00:38:23
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