Download Gum - Landing Page Set with Page Builder

Gum - Landing Page Set with Page Builder

Gum it’s 41 landing pages plus absolutely new modern page builder. More flexible, more intuitive, more powerful. With this tool, you don’t need to know coding to create exciting landing pages. All included demo pages can be uploaded to the builder for additional customization.

400 Ready SectionsPage Builder Included41 Ready PagesForm Constructor includedMarketing Services integratedModal Popups integratedHTML and CSS code editors included7 Map StylesFlexible Mega-MenuWork locallyMore features...Testimonials


  • 41Ready pages
  • 400 Unique sections
  • Form Constructor
  • Modal popups system
  • New page builder platform
  • Mailchimp v3.0 integrations
  • MailerLite integrations
  • ActiveCampaign integrations
  • GetResponse integrations
  • CamapignMonitor integrations
  • AWeber integrations
  • Fully responsive
  • DropDown navigation
  • Unlimited colors
  • Retina supported
  • $67 Ingredients inside
  • Forms setup
  • 3 Confirmation methods
  • 1000+ fresh icons
  • Real parallax
  • Off-canvas navigation
  • Google map customization
  • 7 Google map styles
  • 8 Preloader types
  • Memory steps functional
  • 7 Menu types
  • Dark & Light skins
  • 70+ Google fonts included
  • Save/Load project
  • Drag & Drop functional
  • Video background
  • SEO settings

Change log

 V4.6.4 – 05.02.2018 IMPROVED: Form constructor - Attach file field 
 V4.6.3 – 21.10.2017 IMPROVED: the included scripts system IMPROVED: the project pages logic 
 V4.6.2 – 09.10.2017 FIXED: Download script FIXED: Modal Popups 
 V4.6.1– 08.09.2017 ADDED: Dropdown Mega-Menu FIXED: Minor bugs 
 V4.6 – 20.09.2017 FIXED: Mega-menu in safari FIXED: Accordions 
 V4.2 – 17.08.2017 FIXED: Text Editor bug 
 V4.1 – 16.08.2017 FIXED: Dropdown, Accordion & Tabs bug FIXED: Checkbox checked status bug 
 V4.0 – 03.08.2017 ADDED: 7 New pages ADDED: 63 New sections ADDED: Modal popups system ADDED: View modes ADDED: Form Constructor - checked option ADDED: Form Constructor - default option ADDED: Form Constructor - Attach file field ADDED: CSS editor ADDED: HTML editor ADDED: Align option ADDED: Visibility option ADDED: Chart sections ADDED: Counter sections ADDED: Countdown sections ADDED: Tabs sections ADDED: Accordion sections ADDED: Improve interface FIXED: Analytics bug FIXED: Minor bugs 
 V3.5 – 03.05.2017 ADDED: MailerLite ADDED: ActiveCampaign ADDED: GetResponse ADDED: CampaignMonitor ADDED: AWeber ADDED: 3 New Pages ADDED: 27 New Sections ADDED: 4 New Preloaders ADDED: Favicon support FIXED: Minor Bugs 
 V3.0 – 10.04.2017 ADDED: Form Constructor ADDED: 6 New Pages ADDED: 100 New Sections ADDED: Step by Step Sections ADDED: New Fonts & Icons ADDED: Interface Improvements FIXED: Minor Bugs 
 V2.5 – 24.02.2017 ADDED: DropDown Menu ADDED: 3 New Pages ADDED: 50 New Sections ADDED: New Fonts & Icons ADDED: Interface Improvements FIXED: Minor Bugs Tested with MAMP local server! 
 V2.0 – 30.12.2016 ADDED: 8 New Pages ADDED: 60 New Sections ADDED: Elements Animation ADDED: Video Backgrounds ADDED: Gradient Backgrounds ADDED: SVG Support ADDED: Mockups Pack (Android, Windows and iOS devices) ADDED: Margin Feature ADDED: 15 New Google Fonts ADDED: New Icons ADDED: Interface Improvement FIXED: Minor Bugs 
 V1.2.1 – 08.11.2016 FIXED: Navigation bug FIXED: Google Analytics bug 
 V1.2 – 20.10.2016 FIXED: page copy bug FIXED: server bug 
 V1.1 – 08.10.2016 FIXED: permission bug FIXED: options bug 
 V1.0 – 30.09.2016 RELEASE 
Rating 4.96
Sales 342
Price $18.00
Author multifour
Created 2016-09-29 11:21:52
Last update 2018-02-05 09:46:03
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