Download Monkey Top Monkey - HTML5 Game | Construct 2 (.Capx)

Monkey Top Monkey - HTML5 Game | Construct 2 (.Capx)

This game based on Stroop Test (Effect). In this experiment you are required to say the color of the word, not what the word says. Tap on the micro and say what color do you see. Thank you for attention. Enjoy the game!

Features Game created with Construct 2 HTML 5 Touch control Construct 2 File included Android&IOS support Resulotion 720×1280 Easy export to all platforms Easy reskin AdMobAds supported

File includes

Project file Construct 2 All Images HTML5 game Documentation

Thank you for your purchase! Good luck

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Author Christtmas
Created 2017-06-16 14:19:47
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