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My Safety Guard

My Safety Guard keeps you in touch with your closest contacts by instantaneously sending a photo, GPS information and other information when you need them the most.

With just one touch, this application keeps you connected when you are: In an emergency Hiking or Biking Walking to school or college Working late at night Leaving a bar or party Entering a taxi Traveling to unfamiliar city

My Safety Guard is The Safety App for your Smartphone. It allows you to inform your closest contacts of your whereabouts, including photo and GPS information, with the touch of a button.

My Safety Guard combines multiple features of your smartphone, including time stamp, GPS, camera and texting, to help you protect yourself. In addition to emergencies, you can also use My Safety Guard to notify friends or family of your location at any time – just in case something goes wrong.

Emergency :-

The Safety Guard’s home screen is a can’t miss, easily clickable emergency button which immediately takes a photo sends it, along with GPS information and a pre-programmed emergency message to your selected contacts. Lists and messages are set up during first time application launch and can be modified later under Settings.

Locate Me:-

This feature allows you to send your GPS information to a list of contacts allowing them to view your location on a map. Locate Me is extremely useful to keep your contacts updated if you are on a trip or in an unfamiliar location. Messages can be modified under Settings.


By Checking In with your contacts, you’re able to send them personalised messages, along with a photo and GPS information, when you are traveling or out on another adventure. Contacts and messages can be modified under Settings.

Features and Requirements: - This application is mainly designed for Android O design guidelines - This application uses GPS features to determine the user’s exact position - This application also uses Camera features to capture photo and send it to your closest contacts which are first time entered by the user - It has user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface), which provides you an easy access - It allows you to send an SMS to your closest contacts when you think you want emergency service - Allow user to set custom emergency message - Well define and easy to reuse code - This application support 3 languages i.e English, Spanish and Chinese. - This application uses Database to store data.

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