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Proffesional Business Email Finder

Business Email Finder – No SPAM

Business Email Finder is capable to find automatically advertisements about your selected category from what country/city do you want.

With 100+ countries to select, 14 categories, proxy settings and keywords settings this app make your search faster.

The app will automatically export the results in csv file, and like that you can view them very easy.

And that’s not all ! For some help this app will offer our customers Proxy Support and only Public emails with NO SPAM.

Business Email Finder can be used in worldwide and can extract Bilions of real emails !

Update 0.5

*Bugs fixed.
*App now run smooth.
*More countries added.
*The icon was repacked.
*Only one version included.
Rating 0.00
Sales 3
Price $59.00
Author Bindlex
Created 2017-02-03 12:24:39
Last update 2017-09-11 02:29:54
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