Download Sales Manager - Track your Sales on Envato

Sales Manager - Track your Sales on Envato

A desktop application that uses Envato API to get sales data for Envato market Authors.


  • Calculate Partner Shares according to given percentage.
  • Track sales from multiple Accounts.
  • Auto refresh sales data using Envato API after a user-defined interval.
  • Create customizable CSV file according to any criteria.

This is an Open Source project. You can get it for free on Github using following URL. Github repository is owned by me. This product listing is for the authors who like to contribute to the effort.



  • Fixed an issue preventing the application from getting sales data using Envato API.


  • Fixed an issue where renewed support amount was counted as a received amount instead of support.
New Features
  • Added search text box to search transactions.
  • Added Costura.Fody to embed assemblies into executable resulting in a reduced size.


  • Fixed an issue that causes the application to show refunded purchase as the normal transaction.


  • Fixed an issue causing Price After Author Fee to get wrong values for refunded or reversed transactions when getting data from API.
  • Fixed an issue causing Partner Share amount to be calculated based on current Partner Share value for Refunded or Reversed transactions.
  • Fixed an issue causing Total Sales to show a wrong value if there are transactions with multiple quantities of the same product in that time period and user refunded the part of the order in same time period.


  • Fixed issue where GetSales dialog is shown even if the application is hidden.
  • Fixed issue where transactions list refresh itself after every removal when the user removes multiple transactions.
  • Fixed issue with the application is not restoring from the minimized state when opening another instance.
New Features
  • Added notification of new sales when Sales Manager is minimized to tray.


  • Fixed issue where removing last Account or Product from their respective comboBox leads to a crash.
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Author rbsoft
Created 2017-05-30 02:46:09
Last update 2018-03-21 04:43:55
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