Download SolidPricing | Vertical & Horizontal Pricing Tables

SolidPricing | Vertical & Horizontal Pricing Tables

This is also available in SolidMenu+ & Web Elements Bundle

“The Most Creative & Imaginative Pricing Tables”

1000+ hours of design conceptualization and coding

These sets of unique, creative and imaginative pricing tables are a product of wide research on the designs of pricing tables.

It is packed with 100+ carefully designed pricing tables. SVG files are primarily used to enhance the designs of each pricing tables.

Unique sets of pricing ribbons are also included in the product.

In addition 3000+ Font Icons collections are also included FREE in the product worth $85 collectively.


  1. Responsive on all Devices
  2. 100+ Pricing Table Designs
  3. 3, 4, 5, 6 Columns
  4. Unique CSS and SVG Pricing Ribbons
  5. 3000+ Icon Fonts
    • Line Icon Fonts
    • Line-ET Icon Fonts
    • Medical Icon Fonts
    • IcoMoon Icon Fonts
    • FontAwesome Icon Fonts

Suggest some Designs

Need a specific design?. Give us a specific link of pricing table design to the comment section and we will be glad to consider your suggestions on the next update.


Note: This is not a wordpress plugin my friends

Change Logs

 March 11, 2017 - added 3 Horizontal Pricing Table Designs  January 28, 2017 - added 5 and 6 Column Pricing Tables  January 27, 2017 - initial release 
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