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Support Board - Chat And Help Desk

Support Board is a powerful solution to communicate with your users. Complete tickets system, chat, dedicated membership system and much more. No coding skills required! Support desk and chat plugin for WordPress. A complete solution to provide support to your audience. The first WordPress plugin with a complete bot integration powered by API.AI by Google. The cheapest and best Slack integration.

Features list

  • Support and chat features
    • Slack chat full synchronization – Send and receive user messages directly from Slack.
    • Work immediately – Immediate installation and usage by just insert the shortcode.
    • Rich messages – Dialogflow bot rich messages sending.
    • Bot – Integrate a multilangual bot powered by API.AI.
    • Email notifications – Notify users and agents by email when a reply is received.
    • Tickets system – Fast, powerful and user friendly tickets system.
    • 100% responsive – Fully esponsive for smartphones and tables.
    • Agents and users – Add and edit users and agents on the admin side.
    • WordPress users – Login and membership can be also the original WordPress users system.
    • Multilingual – Fully translatable on admin side and front-end side. 100% compatible with WPML and Right To Left direction (RTL) available. Frond-end is already translated in 13 languages: english, spanish, chinese (simplified 简体中文), chinese (traditional 繁體中文), arabic (العربية), portuguese, dutch, russian, japanese, italian, deutsch, french, polish.
  • Support desk only features
    • Indipendent users system – Dedicated and indipendent users system disconnected from WordPress users.
    • Login and registration forms – Custom registration form with four optianal fields. User can login with username or email.
    • Scroll box – Support desk can use a scroll box container that create a inner scrollable area, the box can be also fullwidth.
    • Layouts – You can choose if show the profile image or not on both registration and conversation.
  • Chat only features
    • Unified administration – Manage both support and the chat conversations and tickets in one place.
    • Chat header styles – Customize the design of your chat by adding a background image and a brand logo image
    • Sounds – Play a sound when the user receive a new message.
    • Members and guest users – Show the chat only to registered users or to everyone. Not registered users will be automatically registered as guests.
    • Welcome message – Send a message to new users automatically. The message is sent only the first time the user visit your website and can play the message sound.
    • Follow up message -The chat can send a follow up message automatically if no agent or bot reply within 15 seconds. Customize the text message and set the Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Web links
  • Other features
    • Top performance37kb of JS and 16KB of CSS. Google Font can be disabled on admin.
    • Regular updates Like for all our products we guarantee constant updates and bugs fix.
    • Developers API Simple to use but powerful api are available for Javascript and PHP.
    • Colors Change the chat colors.
    • Images Change chat icon.


 ===================== V 1.2.3 ===================== - UPDATE - Free slack full integration. Free forever! - NEW FEATURE - Rich messages support - NEW FEATURE - Chat header background image - NEW FEATURE - New chat header type - NEW FEATURE - Support desk without login.  - BUG FIX - Chat stay closed after user closed it also if pending messages. - BUG FIX - Removed temporary double bot response message. - BUG FIX - Fixed infinite push notifications problem. - BUG FIX - Links from Slack - BUG FIX - chat header agent information on first message  ===================== V 1.2.2 ===================== - NEW FEATURE - Tickets and support board panel available for all users types (subscriber, author, contributor, editor, administrator). - NEW FEATURE - Encrypted passwords for Support Board users. - BUG FIX - Chat height now adjust automatically to fit the browser height.  ===================== V 1.2.1 ===================== - NEW FEATURE - New All button for admin tickets show both members and guest tickets. - BUG FIX - Minor design and code bugs fixes. - BUG FIX - Bot problem with unicode chars for some language like russian.  ===================== V 1.2 ===================== - NEW FEATURE - Slack full integration, communicate with your users directly from Slack. - NEW FEATURE - Auto removing of start\end white spaces. - NEW FEATURE - Show profile images also on chat. - NEW FEATURE - Push notifications for agents and users. - NEW FEATURE - Real-time tickets on WordPress admin area. - NEW FEATURE - Welcome message profile image. - NEW FEATURE - Link recognition of images. - NEW FEATURE - Set chat icon. - NEW FEATURE - Better design on mobile. - NEW FEATURE - Flashing notifications to the website title. - NEW FEATURE - Command #follow fot show the follow up message manually when you want. - NEW FEATURE - Big header for chat, show agents and description. - NEW FEATURE - Authorization option for show only tickets area to not admin users. - NEW FEATURE - Option to show the welcome message every time. - BUG FIX - Email notifications. - BUG FIX - Wrong fields when adding new user on admin. - BUG FIX - Minor design and js bugs. - UPDATE - Upload folder moved to /wp-contents/uploads/supportboard/ folder.  YOU NEED TO MOVE ALL FOLDERS OF /wp-content/plugins/supportboard/upload/ FOLDER INTO THE NEW LOCATION.  ===================== V 1.1 =====================  - Security improvement for files upload, now accept only safe file extensions. - BUG FIX - Special chars on conversation. - BUG FIX - Design issues on various themes. - BUG FIX - Link recognition. - BUG FIX - Admin images upload.  ===================== V 1.0 ===================== Enjoy the plugin. 
Rating 5.00
Sales 292
Price $29.00
Author Schiocco
Created 2017-07-26 03:28:01
Last update 2018-02-18 06:14:01
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