Download TNC Badge-Label | Responsive Multi-Purpose CSS

TNC Badge-Label | Responsive Multi-Purpose CSS

Nice, clean and easy to use CSS3 Badge-Label.

TNC Badge-Label is a modern responsive built with the help of CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap framework.


  • 15 Label colors
  • 9 Basic Label styles
  • 10 Loophole Label styles
  • 20 Rotate Label styles
  • 5 Label Sizes
  • 4 Special Label styles
  • Badge Styles
  • Pure CSS3
  • No java and jquery involved
  • No images are used

Easy to use:

  • You can easily edit/change/customize. just copy the HTML code and link to the CSS files.
  • This item includes HTML and CSS files only with its documentation.


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Created 2017-02-19 14:10:31
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