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Ubly - Responsive Full Screen Grid Theme

Introduction to Ubly.

The perfect theme for photographers. A full width layout with 4 rows of high quality posts. Minimal design, but full of options.

  • Plenty of color options; change the background, sidebar, title, description, buttons and much more.
  • Show/Hide the avatar, title, description, links and tags.
  • Share buttons and notes on each post.
  • Social links on the menu and footer.
  • Choose the font for the title and embed your own if you want to change the fonts assigned to the headings and paragraphs.
  • Change the background image of the sidebar by using the image uploading tool (or use a color).
  • Enable the Twitter and Instagram feed, and choose how many tweets and images you want to display (max 6 per widget).
  • Type your Disqus username if you want people to comment on your posts.
  • Type your Google Analytics ID if you want to know about your page traffic.
  • Fully responsive.
  • All posts supported.
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