Download Virtu Piano - HTML5 Virtual Piano

Virtu Piano - HTML5 Virtual Piano

Virtu Piano is Virtual Piano HTML5, designed for experience the piano on your computer using any internet browser. Play the amazing virtual piano with more than 28 sounds with multi key bindings from your computer keyboard.

Features :

  • 28 Piano sounds.
  • Multi key bindings for computer keyboard.
  • Multi touch screen for mobile platform.
  • 25 Piano keys.
  • Octave down, up or normal.
  • 4 Color styles.
  • Show or hide piano letters.
  • Mobile browser ready.
  • Native Mobile plarform export via Intel XDK or Cocoon.
  • Construct 3 import compatible.
  • One Capx file for desktop and mobile platform.

Note :

You need Constuct 2 personal license to able modified the game source code.

Live preview is demo version piano sound limited to 7 sounds and do not forget to close “Remove Frame”

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Sales 18
Price $18.00
Author Javanie
Created 2017-06-22 00:22:55
Last update 2017-06-29 11:17:43
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