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Visual OpenCart Theme Editor

Visual Theme Editor – Customize Your OpenCart Theme

Visual Theme Editor is a powerful tool that lets you to customize the styles of your theme directly from the front end. It’s a comprehensive editor that lets you make live changes to your store, add animations and custom CSS styles. Most important – it works flawlessly regardless of the OpenCart theme you are using.


Full Theme Customization

Visual Theme Editor allows to customize text style, background, font, animation, size, shadow, or any element on your site.

Animation Editor

Animation is becoming a vital part of contemporary design. Use this feature to give your store some motion and a more modern feel.

Compatible with All Themes

Visual Theme Editor is compatible with all themes. Don’t expect any conflict.

Custom CSS Editor

You can edit styles via a CSS Editor. A powerful feature giving you more control over the styles of your store.

Customize Styles on Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Customize style across all screen sizes: desktop, tablet, mobile.

Support covers free installation and fixing any issues arose during the installation.

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