Download WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

WhatsApp Click to Chat Plugin for WordPress

A WhatsApp plugin for your customer support channel.

With more than 1 billion of WhatsApp users around the globe, it’s likely that your customers have the app installed on their phones. Ease the communication with your customers by embedding a click-to-chat WhatsApp widget on your site.

This WordPress WhatsApp plugin is a simple tool to show your team’s accounts in one box. It displays a list of WhatsApp accounts on your site which when clicked, will take the user to that particular account on if the user is using a desktop, or open the WhatsApp application if she is on a mobile device.

Install this plugin on your WordPress site and you’ll get all the following features:

  • Display multiple accounts
    Are you working in a team? Show each member’s account with their names and titles in a good-looking box on your site and let your visitors know who is who.

  • WooCommerce Product Page Button
    Automatically show a contact button right before or after your Add to Cart button for every product. You can also edit the number, text label, or even hide the button for particular products.

  • Invite customers to your WhatsApp group chat
    Other than WhatsApp account, you can also insert the invitation URL to your group chat. Make your brand stronger by building a community with your customers.

  • Set availability by time and days for each account
    What happens when your customers send a message while you’re asleep or spending the time with your family? They’ll think you’re unresponsive. With this plugin, you can set the availability of each account. If no one is around to answer, then the widget will be hidden. This will minimize the chance of letting down your customers.

  • Editable text and color
    Customize the colors to match your site’s theme and the text to represent your main users’ language. Make it personal. Turn your words into a call-to-action!

  • WPML is supported
    If your site is in multi-languages, you can set the text in each of those languages via WPML string translation module.

  • Page targeting
    You can show the WhatsApp box on the whole site or specific post types or even some particular pages.

  • Auto-display based on time delay, inactivity, or scroll length
    If your customers use wide screens, a tiny widget sitting at the corner of your page will have a hard time getting itself noticed. Draw your users’ attentions onto the widget by setting an auto-display for it to tease them. Auto-display can be set based on time-delay, inactivity, or scroll-length.

  • Pre-populated text
    Not everyone knows how to start a conversation – even on an online chat. Help your customers by pre-populating an initial text. If they agree with the tone of your wording, it can be an icebreaker. One simple example is: “Hi Daniel, I was visiting and have a question.” Once they submit that text, your name and your URL (which displayed rather nicely on the app thanks to WhatsApp) will be kept on their chat history. It’s a win-win to both sides.

  • WhatsApp link on your content using shortcodes
    Having a WhatsApp widget is perfect to show on the whole site. But what if you need to show a contextual WhatsApp account which refers to your business partners, friends or families? A link to those accounts with predefined text is perfect for that, and it can be done with a simple shortcode.

Using WhatsApp as a support channel is effective and affordable. Get one for yourself with a free lifetime updates.

What does it look like on the back-end?

WhatsApp Click to Chat: Display Settings

WhatsApp Click to Chat: Load-in settings

WhatsApp Click to Chat: Page Targeting

WhatsApp Click to Chat: Multiple Accounts

Change Log

 09 February 2018 - v.1.4 -    New feature to automatically show a contact button on WooCommerce product pages. -    New option to show a rounded toggle on mobile device only or desktop only, or both.
 08 November 2017 - v.1.3 -    Support for WPML plugin.
 03 November 2017 - v.1.2 -    Improvement: An ajax search to find specific pages to be included or excluded from page targeting.
 04 October 2017 - v.1.1.2 -    New feature: Added a button to move accounts up or down in the list. Now it's easier to rearrange the queue.
 23 September 2017 - v.1.1.1 -    Bug Fix: Fixed link on Safari browser.
 15 September 2017 - v.1.1 -    New feature: Exclude certain pages from the selected post types from showing the widget.
 25 August 2017 v.1.0.7 -    New feature: Other than phone number, you can also insert an invitation URL to your group chat.
 19 August 2017 v.1.0.6 -    Bug Fix: Stop JS execution when WhatsApp box is offline.
 04 August 2017 v.1.0.5 -    Bug Fix: Remove browser sniffing to make sure that the plugin works on all devices. -    Bug Fix: Remove non-numeric characters from phone numbers to make sure that the links are correct. -    New Feature: Add an option to hide the widget based on the width of the screen. Detecting mobile device is too risky.
29 July 2017 v.1.0.3 -    New Feature: Shortcode to make a Click to Chat button on page and on in text widgets -    Bug Fix: Time availability not accurate because timezone is not set yet.
15 July 2017 v.1.0.2 -    New Feature: Pre-populated text for each account
10 July 2017 v.1.0.1 -    Bug fix: Account not saved on some conditions -    Improvement: Adding z-index to WhatsApp box to make sure that it's on top of other elements.
5 July 2017 -    Initial Release
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Author Satu_Dua
Created 2017-07-05 07:05:01
Last update 2018-02-08 13:31:03
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